Wardrobe Workshop

Wardrobe Workshop

For individuals

Is your wardrobe cluttered and confusing? Do you often have the sense that there is nothing to wear? Do you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? Find it impossible to select the perfect outfit at short notice?


So often we buy outfits for one occasion, never to be worn again. We save items that we once loved, but aren’t right for us anymore, or don’t match anything. Suzanne brings her experience and understanding to An Air of Distinction Wardrobe Workshop. You will be amazed by the transformation that can take place when Suzanne provides you with the skills to combine outfits, colours and accessories long lost in your wardrobe.


Suzanne will help you rearrange your existing clothing, creating a functional and useable wardrobe; allowing you to step out every day feeling confident and relaxed. Her wardrobe styling advice can help identify what is missing, providing an exciting opportunity to add clothing that better reflects your new found style.
Suzanne’s sensitive approach avoids negative advice, such as throwing away loved items, and focuses on building and redefining your wardrobe.

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Learn how to “mix and match” to make the most out of your existing wardrobe.


Save money by avoiding unnecessary and impulsive purchases that will sit in your wardrobe unused.


Identify opportunities to add new items that coordinate with your existing wardrobe.


Save time removing the clutter in your wardrobe.


Identify existing loved outfits that require alterations to better reflect your style and body shape