Personal Shopping Experience

Personal Shopping Experience

For individuals and small groups (max 2 people)

Do you find the experience of shopping daunting or frustrating, often leaving you feeling defeated? How many times have you returned empty handed, or worse, laden with regretful purchases you’ll never wear?


As an experienced image consultant and stylist, Suzanne will show you a shopping experience full of promise and inspiration, rather than an exercise in futility. During An Air of Distinction Shopping Experience, Suzanne teaches you how to shop for your body type, how to dress your style personality authentically, understand colour choices, identify outfit combinations and shop to a budget. Each Shopping Experience is unique, relaxed and fun.


The outcome is a flexible and dynamic wardrobe that inspires and expresses your individual style.

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Learn how to “shop smart” by knowing what styles suit your body shape.


Discover how to avoid expensive, impulsive purchases that you never wear.


Uncover how to make shopping a fun experience, full of inspiration and creativity.


Learn how to mix and match new purchases with your existing wardrobe.


Develop the skills to shop reflecting your unique and confident style