Colour Consultations

Colour Consulatations

For individuals and small groups

Colour is one of the most powerful and emotive persuaders. Colour can project a sense of vitality, positivity, strength, confidence and energy. Colour choices that enhance one person’s style and personality, can detract from someone else’s.


Are you afraid to bring colour into your wardrobe and styling? With so many colour choices and combinations it can be daunting. Through Suzanne’s in depth and engaging colour consultation, she will uncover your own sophisticated personal colour palette, empowering you to make wardrobe, styling and fashion choices that celebrate your unique personality.


To uncover your colour palette and invigorate your wardrobe and image, contact Suzanne to arrange your personalised Colour Consultation.

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You will gain the confidence to use colour to express your personality.


Look younger, healthier and happier using colour.


Change people’s perception of you through colour choices.


Give you the knowledge and confidence to make colour choices when shopping for clothes, accessories and makeup.


Use colour in makeup to accentuate your bone structure, bring your eyes to life and smooth your skin texture.


Have the courage to break the rules and wear colours that are out of your comfort zone