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For individuals and small groups

First impressions count as much for men, as for women. A well groomed and stylish image combined with talent and confidence will set you above those around you. Whether it’s going for a promotion, new position or presenting a confident presence in the boardroom, your image is a powerful persuader.


Suzanne’s experience working as a stylist for men can help bring out your confidence and personality. An Air of Distinction Men’s Styling Consultation will help you understand colours that work best for you, how to ensure your clothes match your body type, assess your wardrobe and teach you how to purchase the right clothes for you.


Take control of your style by working with Suzanne to ensure your drive and talent is reflected in your appearance.

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Reflect your professional confidence and drive in the way you look and dress.


Make choosing the right clothes for the right occasions easy.


Ensure you have the competitive edge through a confident and well groomed presence.


Learn how to make shopping an smooth and easy experience